Market Commentary – 1st December 2017

Whilst some commentators, and the Federal Reserve, insist that there is no bubble in US equity markets – we will return to that assumption later – we can be in little doubt that Bitcoin is beginning to make the South Sea bubble episode, in the 1720s, look like a small blip in the share price.

Market Commentary – 1st November 2017

There seems to be no stopping the rising tide that has lifted almost every asset class including bonds. We can’t remember a period like it when everything went up together; including Bitcoin which now has a price tag of $6500 against just under $1000 at the beginning of the year. The latest rise has been

Market Commentary – 1st October 2017

Some of our readers will remember that nearly 30 years ago one of those hurricanes that usually befall the inhabitants on the other side of the pond turned up on our shores, much to the chagrin of the Met office and Michael Fish in particular. A viewer had phoned in – no email or Twitter

Market Commentary – 1st September 2017

As we approach autumn – in the UK autumn seems to have started just after spring ended – thoughts turn to the witching month of October that has brought us some unpleasant surprises in the past – especially from elevated valuation levels, which is where we currently find ourselves. The markets on both sides of

Market Commentary – 1st August 2017

One thing that has changed and is unarguably the most important event so far this year is the central bank narrative. Before Bernanke became an ex master of the universe he opined that QE – quantitative easing – didn’t work in the way the Fed had and anticipated i.e. cheap and plentiful money would promote

Market Commentary – 1st July 2017

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but, as ever, in the UK we are desperately seeking the one that will! In European equity markets, we now have a solitary down month after a long succession of ups, which in isolation is nothing unusual. So, what if anything has changed? Global economic data is the mixed