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Our investment approach

Our investment approach is responsible, academically robust and disciplined. We don't believe we are smarter that anyone else, but we do believe in controlling behavioural biases, and most importantly always investing in a way you would invest if it was your own money. 


Asset allocation

Our long-term strategic asset allocation approach is designed to optimise returns within the risk tolerance of each portfolio.


Clear roadmap

Having a robust data-led approach, and an understanding of the inflation and interest rate environment, we have a clear roadmap to base our tactical asset allocation decisions. This allows us to weight portfolios to asset classes with higher long-term expected returns based on current valuations.


Fund research & investment selection

Our investment team combines detailed quantitative analysis and real world experience built over decades of fund manager meetings and investment research.


Value for money

We have a forensic focus on investment cost versus return and only expose clients to active managers where we believe they have the ability to generate superior long-term performance. No client should pay active fees for a lacklustre return.

Understanding our investment approach

Our investment team


Partnering with us

We understand that every adviser firm is different. When partnering with us, we bring advisers into the heart of the investment discussion. Each partnership is built on an open and honest foundation.  

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