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Market Commentary – 1st September 2017

As we approach autumn – in the UK autumn seems to have started just after spring ended – thoughts turn to the witching month of October that has brought us some unpleasant surprises in the past – especially from elevated valuation levels, which is where we currently find ourselves. The markets on both sides of

Market Commentary – 1st August 2017

One thing that has changed and is unarguably the most important event so far this year is the central bank narrative. Before Bernanke became an ex master of the universe he opined that QE – quantitative easing – didn’t work in the way the Fed had and anticipated i.e. cheap and plentiful money would promote

Market Commentary – 1st July 2017

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but, as ever, in the UK we are desperately seeking the one that will! In European equity markets, we now have a solitary down month after a long succession of ups, which in isolation is nothing unusual. So, what if anything has changed? Global economic data is the mixed