Managed Portfolio Service

The Albemarle Managed Portfolio Service

The Albemarle Managed Portfolio Service has been shaped around the philosophy of the professional advisers who work with us.

Our investment track record has been built with the twin goals of applying the diversification needed to reach our defined goals, whilst investing with the conviction needed to justify our fees.

Our service is available across platforms with both index and active options reflecting the diverse approaches taken by our clients.

Our highly-experienced investment team draws on decades of experience to find the most compelling investment opportunities from across the full universe of funds, ETFs and investment trusts.

Our focus is achieving the defined return target of each portfolio with diligence and care.

Our portfolios are characterised by:

We emphasise a long-term strategic asset allocation approach which optimises the returns possible within the risk tolerance of each portfolio. Our tactical asset allocation uses proven techniques to weight portfolios to those asset classes with higher long-term expected returns, based on current valuations.
We build highly diversified portfolios but always ensure the active investment managers we choose have sufficient freedom within a portfolio to make a meaningful contribution to the outperformance of the portfolio.
We acknowledge that all investment cost contributes to investment returns and only expose our clients to active cost where we have built a high-conviction in a manager’s ability to generate superior long-term returns. No client should pay active fees for a passive return.
Our experienced fund research team chooses investments through a combination of detailed quantitative analysis and real-world experience built over decades spent meeting and challenging the best fund managers in the world.
We recognise that using a discretionary fund manager on a platform relieves advisers of a significant administrative burden but should never distance the adviser from their clients. Our team of portfolio managers are available each day to answer client queries, resolve technical issues and provide context for any investment we have chosen for your clients.
We believe that clients have a right to be fully informed about the progress of their portfolio and it is our responsibility to provide this consistently to their professional adviser in the format that most suits their needs. We work actively with our clients to build a communication approach that works for each professional adviser and their clients.

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