We work to earn the right to partner with independent financial advisers by supporting them across three key areas

Centralised Investment

We shape your investment solution around your advice philosophy. Our services are aligned to the platforms, risk profilers and other services you have built into your business. Our propositions are monitored through collaborative in-person investment committees.



We work together with independent financial advisers to monitor the whole of a firm’s investment needs through collaborative investment committees


All our investment solutions come with clearly defined target market information and robust on-going governance


We believe that all clients have a right to understand the progress of their investments. We also believe that you are best placed to decide how to communicate with your clients and build our approach around your needs.

Your Journey with Us




We ensure we have a full understanding of your needs and our 
expectations are aligned.



With your portfolios fully constructed your investment committee meeting takes place and all key client communications are handed over, ready for launch.



We work closely with you on an on-going basis, consistently evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of your investment mandate and your client communications approach. We assess both immediate impact and long term benefits in order to ensure that our contribution to your business plan is effective.



Our investment team works to optimise your asset allocation, ensuring the requirements of the risk profiler and platforms are built in. Your portfolios are fully constructed and your expected returns and benchmarks are agreed. At this stage we also ensure we have a robust communication and migration strategy in place.



Our first priority is to fully understand your needs. We examine your advice philosophy, your clients’ needs and your target pricing point before making a proposal to you. This will include a full understanding of your approach to risk, your preferred platforms and your hopes for the on-going relationship.