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Tailored investment solutions

We work in partnership with financial advisers to create investment propositions shaped around their advice philosophy.

Our services are aligned to the platforms, risk profilers and other services advisers have built into their business.

your investment proposition

Understanding your needs

Our first priority is to fully understand your needs. We examine your advice philosophy, your clients’ needs and your target pricing point before making a proposal to you. This will include a full understanding of your approach to risk, your preferred platforms and your hopes for the on-going relationship.

Building the portfolios on your platform of choice

Your portfolios are fully constructed and we will agree your benchmarks in advance. At this stage we also ensure we have a robust communication and migration strategy in place. 

Managed within agreed risk parameters and aligned with your risk profiler of choice

Our investment team works to optimise your asset allocation, ensuring the requirements of the risk profiler and platforms are built in.

Quarterly investment committee

Now your portfolios are fully constructed your investment committee meeting will take place every quarter at your office.  

Detailed reporting and commentary

We work closely with you on an on-going basis, consistently evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of the investment mandate. We also release detailed monthly commentary and factsheets and quarterly rebalancing reports. 

Business support to help with growth objectives

We are always looking at ways where we can support our partner firms, going beyond just providing investment solutions but adding real value to your business. 


Get in touch

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