Responsible Investing 

Every client who invests with Albemarle Street Partners has a right to ensure their investments are aligned to their values and objectives.


We believe that companies which manage the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks within their businesses well are more likely to deliver attractive long-term returns than their competitors who do not. This means that every single investment we make is considered in reference to the environmental, social and governance risks associated with it.

Invest Intentionally 

We have created a range of investment options for those clients who wish to pursue positive change through their investments.

Invest Individually

We have investment options for clients with specific cultural, ethical or religious needs to be met or who wish to exclude certain investments in order to remain true to their personal objectives.

We believe that all investments, regardless of their ethical aspirations or constraints imposed upon them, should be responsible.

What is responsible investing?

We believe all investing should be responsible. This involves considering whether the companies and funds in which we invest manage the risks associated with environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues well. A responsible investor believes that this is likely to lead to better long-term returns and is the right thing to do. Responsible investing does not exclude particular types of companies. For example, it may still involve investment in an oil company. However, it will favour one that works hard to tackle the impact of fossil fuels, over one that does not take appropriate action.
We have a series of processes which we go through before making any investment to ensure these issues are considered across all the portfolios we run – whether that portfolio explicitly pursues an ESG goal or not.

Factsheets / ESG MPS