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Target market

This Target Market information is prepared for financial advisers who use Albemarle Street Partners Managed Portfolio Service (the “MPS service") on behalf of their clients. It describes the Target Market for our portfolios which are offered as part of the MPS service and should be read in conjunction with other documentation such as the Fair Price and Value Assessment and other important information on our website.



This information is intended for financial advisers only to complete target market assessments. Financial advisers should ensure their own target markets assessments are conducted and all their regulatory obligations are adhered to.

The financial adviser is responsible for assessing suitability and supporting the client with understanding the nature and risks of the MPS service being provided by Albemarle Street Partners.

Who is the MPS service available to?

The MPS service is only available to UK retail and professional investors via a financial adviser or eligible counterparty. Investors must be willing and able to bear a partial loss of their capital and have a long-term time horizon of at least five years or more.

What knowledge and experience are they suitable for?

Our MPS service is available to all levels of investor knowledge and experience (Low, Medium and High).

What investors needs and objectives do the MPS service meet?

Our MPS service is designed for investors seeking a range of financial objectives, including capital growth, income provision, or a combination of both. Please see the relevant documentation for specific objectives for each portfolio. 

How do you measure the portfolios risk tolerances?

Risk tolerance conclusions are derived from the client descriptions assigned to each of our risk-rated portfolios by independent analysts such as Defaqto and EValue. Changes to the risk profile of portfolios are assessed quarterly.

What is your distribution strategy?

Our MPS service is not available on an execution only basis. Any investment into our products should be via a financial adviser.

What is your target Market for the MPS service?

We would expect our MPS service to be recommended to clients who:

  • Are happy to take some investment risk.

  • Understand they may experience a loss.

  • Have a financial adviser who can assess their suitability and risk appetite.

Who is your MPS service not suitable for?

We would not expect our MPS service to be recommended to clients who:

  • Have no tolerance for any loss.

  • Expect full capital preservation, or full monies back.

  • Require a guaranteed income.

Vulnerable clients

Any investment into our products should be via a financial adviser. The financial adviser is responsible for accessing any client vulnerabilities. Careful consideration of any conclusions which could have a bearing on vulnerable clients should be made reviewing the Target Market guide and any findings acted upon. We have a broader commitment to build understanding of client vulnerability amongst our client base.  


Please see the full Target Market guide for more information.

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