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‘It is the long history of humankind… that those who learned to collaborate most effectively have prevailed.'
Charles Darwin

‘We must earn the right to partner with financial advisers and demonstrate our commitment to their business week after week. By working with a limited number of financial advisory firms we ensure that we are dedicated to helping those businesses grow.’ 

Charlie Parker, 

Managing Director

Charlie Parker  /  Managing Director
Chris Holdoway  /  Investment Director
Clive Hale  / Chief Strategist
Fahad Hassan  /  Chief Investment Officer
Tom May  / Group Chief Investment Officer
Eleanor Williams  / Partnerships Director
Harry Children / Investment Analyst
Russ Bubley - Head of ESG and Quantitative Analysis

Our Team

Each member of our varied team has something unique to offer financial advisers when they work in partnership with us. This includes long investment experience, an understanding of environmental social and governance (ESG) issues developed over years, marketing know-how and practical experience growing successful financial services businesses.


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